For English Speakers

For English Speakers

What is SmaSma911?

Hello everyone, we are SmaSma911. SmaSma911 is a repair shop for iPhone and other smartphones in Funabashi, Chiba. There are several repair shops in Funabashi but non of these are dealing with English speakers. However, I see many foreigners in Funabashi and there are about 165,000 foreigners in Chiba so I decided to introduce our shop in English.

Let me briefly introduce our shop. As I said above, we are repair shop for iPhone and other smartphones. We can repair screen, battery, submerged, buttons, cameras and almost all the part of iPhone. Nowadays almost all the people in Japan have smartphone like iPhone, Android and so on. Smartphone is necessary in our life now. However, it is really expensive and duration of the smartphone is often 2 years to 3 years. Instead of buying new one, you can change the battery to use same smartphone for longer time.  For example, iPhone shows the maximum capacity, which tells you how much the battery is damaged, of the battery. To check it, you can go to Setting – Battery – Battery Health. If the maximum capacity is under 80%, you should buy new one or change the battery. Buying new iPhone costs like ¥100,000- but changing the battery(ex. iPhone8) is only ¥4,900 in our shop. This is the cheapest price in Chiba. Off course, price is really important factor to choose our shop but there are several other reasons to choose our shop.


So first of all, the most important factor to choose our shop is the price. As I said above, our shop gives you the cheapest but the highest quality of the repair in Chiba. The reason for our price is double-cropping. It doesn’t mean we are raising rice and wheat in our shop. It means we repair smartphone in the daytime and we change to a bar at night. So we can cut off some costs like house rent, light expense and so on. The price of other repair shops increases in order to pay for those expenses but the bar pay it instead of us. Therefore, we can keep our price lower. We, workers of repair shop and the bar, are working at the same place but it’s not the same workers. Don’t worry we are never drunk while repairing.


Secondary, there are another merits of running repair shop in the bar. You can wait in the shop while we are fixing your iPhone. There are chairs and couches for you to relax. Also we can serve a glass of soft drink. Additionally, we can let you use our Wi-Fi. You can work, watch Netflix, study and do whatever you want.


At last but not least, our shop is nearby the station. Our shop is placed right in front of Keisei-Funabashi station. Also it only takes 3 minutes from Funabashi station so it is really easy to come to our shop. You can enjoy shopping at Funabashi while you are waiting for the repair.

For those reasons above, you should come to our shop if you need any help for your mobile phones.